The following is a general overview of Georgia’s regulatory picture. This is meant to be a guide only. Review the regulations that will apply to your business and consult your professional for more information.


Local Requirements

Planning & Inspection Guidelines
Zoning - The local zoning department can provide information on the zoning of your property and assist you with complying with the ordinance.
Building Permits - All building permit requirements are set locally. Contact the local permitting office for the building code requirements, Certificate of Occupancy, and information on other local licenses as required.

  • Pelham 229 294 7900
  • Camilla 229 336 2200
  • Baconton 229 787 5511
  • Sale City 229 336 7885
  • Mitchell County 229 336 2060

Business Licenses
A business license may be required for your business. Contact the city business licensing department that the business is located in. If located outside the city limits, contact Mitchell County Building & Zoning to inquire about a license. Georgia does not have a state business license, but professional licenses are required.

  • Pelham 229 294 7900
  • Camilla 229 336 2200
  • Baconton 229 787 5511
  • Sale City 229 336 7885
  • Mitchell County 229 336 2060

Real Estate Transactions

  • Real Estate purchases - Record warranty deeds, real estate transfer tax and recording fees

  • Real Estate purchase (if financed) - Record warranty deed and security deed (mortgage), pay real estate transfer tax, recording fees, and intangibles tax on security deed

  • Contact: 229 336-2022

Health Department Regulations
Contact the Mitchell County Health Department for rules and regulations 229 336-2055

Health Websites:



STATE REquirements

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Businesses must comply with state required standards from the Georgia Department of Agriculture for:

  • Weights and Measurements used by manufacturers and dealers.
  • Livestock purchase, sale, movement, slaughter, or processing.
  • Agricultural commodity (other than livestock), purchase, warehouse storage, or sale.
  • Food processing, handling, labeling, storage, distribution, wholesale, and retail sales.
  • New food plant construction or new construction on existing structures.
  • Poultry hatcheries.
  • Commercial beekeepers, pesticide applicators and contractors, commercial seed producers and dealers, vegetable and horticultural plant producers, commercial feed manufacturers, dealers and distributors..
  • Petroleum products manufacturers or dealers.

Visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture  for any other regulations that may apply to your business.

Notify creditors when purchasing an established business.
If an established business is to be purchased, its creditors must be notified beforehand according to a timetable spelled out in Georgia Code, Chapter 109 A-6.

State Fire Marshal

  • Have proposed building plans reviewed by the State Fire Marshal. Any manufacturing company designing a new building or moving into an existing building should contact the State Fire Marshal’s office for review of proposed plans.  State Fire Marshal Website. Engineering & Plan Review Section 404 656-7087
  • Obtain a state certificate of occupancy from the  State Fire Marshal.
  • Explosives. Obtain license to use, sell, manufacture, or store explosives. Contact Hazardous Materials at 404 656-9797
  • Safety and Fire Regulations listed on the State Fire Marshal Website
  • Forms from the State Fire Marshal’s office



Georgia Department of Natural Resources

  • Air Quality Control Act and Regulations. Obtain construction and operating permits if operation may result in air pollution. Contact Environmental Protection Division (EPD) - Air Protection Branch Air Protection Regulations
  • Water Supply Quality Control Act, Water Quality Control Act, Groundwater Use Act and regulations. Obtain permits for sewage treatment system construction or modification, industrial waste treatment, sewage and waste discharge into waterways, water supply systems, underground water withdrawal and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System. (EPA has delegated authority to issue NPDES permits to the state). Contact EPD.
  • Landfills, solid waste collection and disposal systems, hazardous waste systems. Submit plan and obtain permit to operate.Contact EPD.
  • Online guide from EPD: Includes downloadable EPD forms and technical regulatory information from the Environmental Protection Division.
  • Georgia Surface Mining Act and regulations. Obtain permit for any surface mining activity. Contact Land Reclamation section
  • Commercial Fishing, live bait dealers, commercial breeders, commercial fish hatcheries, fishing lakes operated for a fee, wholesale fur companies. Contact Game and Fish Division.

Georgia Department of Labor

  • Safety Engineering - Comply with construction, operation, and safety requirements for high-voltage electric lines, elevators, boilers, pressure vessels, and for certain glass installation in buildings open to the public. Contact Inspection Division.Forms
  • State unemployment insurance - Obtain unemployment insurance tax forms and identification numbers. Online unemployment information for employers.
  • Minimum Wage Law - Obtain and comply with regulations. Companies that do not fall under federal minimum wage law jurisdiction are subject to Georgia minimum wage law requirements.
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. Obtain and comply with regulations. Companies that do not fall under federal equal pay law jurisdiction are subject to Georgia equal pay law requirements.
  • Find other information on Georgia Department of Labor or Federal regulations including child labor laws and workers compensation at their online labor law reference site.

Georgia Motor Vehicle Commission
Determine regulations concerning motorized vehicle manufacturers (new cars, heavy equipment, motorcycles, farm implements.)  Department of Motor Vehicle Safety.

Georgia Department of Human Resources
Obtain license and regulations for radiation control, outside building noise, clinical laboratories, hospitals and nursing homes from the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

Georgia Secretary of State
Register company trade name, trademarks, service marks, form a single proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership or corporation.File onlineSecretary of State website

Georgia Department of Revenue

Georgia Public Service Commission
Comply with regulations for pipelines, underground gas storage facilities, carriers who transport petroleum products.

Georgia Workers Compensation Board
State Workers Compensation. Firms with three or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance with a licensed insurance company or qualify as a self insurer.

  • Obtain income tax number, sales tax number, and instructions for employee withholding tax, sales and use tax, corporate income tax. Employers Tax Guide. Centralized Taxpayer Registration Sales And Use Tax Division
  • Obtain motor fuel permit and file quarterly report for any vehicle having more than two axles. Motor Fuel Tax Unit Information.
  • Register and file quarterly report for all two-axle vehicles meeting any of the following criteria: gross weight over 18,000 pounds, passenger vehicle seating nine passengers and driver, or pulls trailer. Motor Fuel Tax Unit
  • Obtain highway use permit and file quarterly report for vehicles domiciled and registered in these states or provinces: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon and South Dakota
  • Department of Revenue online information:
    • Business Tax Forms
    • Centralized Taxpayer Registration
    • Income Tax Credits Forms and Information
    • Department of Revenue Contact Information
    • Local Albany Office